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Build Theory
ellipse dark.png

Designed to dramatically reflect the top sound board's kinetic energies, creating a strong, clear, projective voice to the instrument. Combining wood laminations with the parabolic arch shape maximizes strength-to-weight ratio in a back bracing design. This allows it to move or pivot off single axis points.

Ellipse Bracing System

bridge dark.png

JOI Bridge Design

The JOI pinless bridge is crafted as an extension of the guitar body shape. The tension of the low E, A and D strings is distributed to the soundboard through the lower right extension. The high E, B and G tension extension is on the higher left side of the bridge - effectively shortening the distance between the front of the bridge with the guitars front edge, to tighten or brighten the sound coming from those higher strings.


Side System

The longevity of a well made guitar strongly relies on sides with extreme rigidity and impact strength. Sound reflection between soundboards is maximized with rigid side designs, bringing vibrant sustain and clarity. With the combination of triple lamination, cold cure epoxy, and a carbon fibre mesh core, this side system sounds brilliant and will last lifetimes.

Joi Guitars Hendrix-1 1.jpg

Whether you are looking for a specific type of wood, a unique rosette, or cutaway features, we are ready to work with you on crafting your dream build. Our custom guitars are made to meet your aesthetic needs while maintaining pristine sound resonance. All builds include the JOI signature features: ellipse bracing system, pinless bridge, and triple lamination side system.

Price for my work is estimated for each individual guitar 


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