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 A custom JOI Snakewood guitar built to trade for one of Slash's personal guitars, to raise funds for Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

The grammy award-winning, rock and roll hall-of-fame inductee of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, second custom built guitar from JOI Guitars. Like his first JOI guitar, it features some of the world’s most expensive and unique woods. Working together with Slash to raise funds for the Sarah McLachlan School of music.

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Slash / Sarah McLachlan School Build
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In 2019,  the concept to build Slash a second custom JOI guitar for one of his personal guitars was born. This time it was built with Snakewood and Toredo wood, inspired by Slash's love for snakes. Built and finished in 2020 and delivered to Slash,  one of his personal guitars ( Slash signature Les Paul USA Anaconda models) was then sent along with a certificate of Authenticity to me to sell to a client in Paris. The profits from the sale went to the Sarah McLachlan school of music, funding free music lessons for those whom might never have the chance to learn otherwise.

Slash Snakewood guitar is a small Jumbo with 25.7″ scale. It features Snakewood back, sides and neck paired with an amazing and rare, Alaskan Teredo Sitka Spruce top.  The guitar has sitka/carbon fibre bracing, dual laminated sides for strength, carbon fibre reinforced snakewood neck with dual action titanium truss rod, 1¾″ nut width, 2¼″ string spacing, a custom JOI Guitars pinless Ebony bridge, Ebony binding , Ebony fretboard, sterling silver encased snakewood fret markers, and Graph tech gear ratio tuners .

The guitar was further customized with a shallow heel for Slash to comfortably get to the 19th+ frets, and a neck custom tailored in width and thickness for the man himself. An additional offset personalization was done for Slash to do his string stretching as he plays.  A made-to-measure K & K pure mini and under-saddle pickup, and custom Hoffee guitar case were added to complete the package.

Slash snakewood 5_edited_edited.jpg

A guitar built to give the gift of music to others in need, as well as to inspire an icon to create music

Slash Snakewood front.jpg
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