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“Jimi’s guitar was an extension of himself. What makes this JOI Hendrix Home Guitar so special and meaningful is that each limited edition guitar contains an actual piece of Jimi’s legacy and family heritage, the place he called home. So, in a sense, it’s a part of Jimi."

-Janie Hendrix, President & CEO of Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Built just before 1920, at 2603 26th Avenue, in Seattle’s vibrant and fast growing Central District, this quaint single family residence became home to the young Hendrix family after Jimi’s father purchased the property in Spring 1953. Considered the first home purchased by the Hendrix family; the home played host to the young and inquisitive Jimi Hendrix during perhaps two of his most formative years when he first set his sight on how to play the guitar.

Reuben Forsland of JOI Guitars is pleased to work with Authentic Hendrix, LLC; the Seattle-based company owned and operated by the family of Jimi Hendrix to oversee the legendary guitarist legacy; to produce this exquisite, limited edition guitar collection. Individually hand-crafted, no two guitars from the Harmonic Hendrix Home Guitars™ series will be the same. They are sure to be the most unique and beautifully sounding guitars Rueben Forsland and JOI Guitars have ever made.

Hendrix Legends Guitar
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Imagine holding Jimi Hendrix’s home in your hands… The Harmonic Hendrix Home Guitars™ have been designed to include as many different parts of the Hendrix home as possible and yet still be beautiful, functional pieces of art with a big, yet delicate sound that resonates with many different playing styles.


The Fir floorboards of Jimi’s bedroom and the living room were also used in the neck of the Harmonic Hendrix Home Guitars™.  Four Fir floorboards and 3 Ebony strips were laminated together and then cut and shaped to fit perfectly into the players hand. This lamination of the woods creates a very straight stiff neck, which is then further enforced by 2 carbon fibre rods, one on either side of the truss rod.  The nails were inlayed as fret markers and encircled with sterling silver tubing, and even the small fret markers up the side of the neck are pieces of electrical copper wiring from the home that have been encircled with the same sterling silver tubing.